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Sonic & Friends Random Shinanigans

My comic is rated PG, and I'd kinda like to keep it that way. DO NOT curse or flame. Enjoy the humor and randomness. Open for cameos now!



Joshie is the main author of the comic and refers

To himself as what he likes to call awesome?

Mist: We believe that the appropriate action is to avoid him he might destroy the entire comic universe.

And yes I don't know what I'm talking about.

Joshie: You sure don't. *destroys comic universe* What? *shot* :P I am a quiet, random, and, most of the time, bored person. I like to take naps and play on the computer. I can make friends with just about anyone.

Mist: OH RLY *pulls out shot gun And blows up joshie* FATALITY!

I win again

*somhow survives* YEAH, RLY!*blows Mist up with a bazooka*

I win this time

Mist:Your used a cheat code. Mist the hedgehog

Has a ridiculous attitude towards life likes destruction

and can be quite ridiculous at times. Is good friends with the author.

Even though he didn't heed the warning above how it could break the forth wall and destroy the comic.

Not to mention he likes being a show off and hates People who quote Naruto.(See Mist the hedgehog issue2) Thats about all I can say really.


Sonic is A very friendly person who likes to help people...

But its on special occasions when he becomes nothing but a show off

A technique called spin dash or spin jump is his most famous attack.


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